About Us

Helping transform healthcare.

Why and what we do at Etho.

Problems We Solve.

It's extremely difficult for innovative cash-based practitioners to get the qualified & committed patients who want to invest in their health.

Our Mission.

To create the world's greatest coaching program designed to help 10,000 innovative practitioners over the next 10 years build innovative healthcare practices and serve 1,000,000 patients.

Our Vision.

Revolutionize the way innovative practitioners connect with patients to improve the world's health.

Our Ethos.

How we think about the world & our values.


We obsess over what will make the most impact in helping our clients have transformation. We focus on the client end result, then work back from there.


Endless and relentless pursuit of improvement and adaptation. We believe in the ability to evolve and grow through learning, action, and feedback.

Simplicity Focused.

Removing complexity gives us the straightest and most direct path to result. We focus on depth in few, versus breadth of many.

Radically Transparent.

Having radical transparency will allow for us to communicate at the highest level. We can find the truth, and move past the politics and smoke & mirrors.


We distill each challenge to its fundamental truths and its key components before creating a solution. This gives us the greatest chance to be accurate.

Innovate Impossible.

If it doesn't exist, then we look for a way to create it. "It's never been done before..." is an opportunity to create new value in a way that it has never been produced.

A Word from our Founder

JonCameron Johnson.

Why was Etho created?

For years, as a previous agency owner, I have worked with practices and their owners to help generate revenue by attracting high-ticket patients to their business.

For the majority of the time, the results were inconsistent.

Some clients could get great results, others not so much.

It frustrated me so much that there were times I wanted to throw in the towel.

However, each time I would boil down and dissect the problem, diagnose it, then fix it.

The challenge came when there wasn't a singular focused solution.

It was incomplete.

We would help the owner and staff with their business front end, middle or back end issues – depending on what they needed.

To name a few, we'd help them with offer creation and positioning, how to communicate that offer to their desired patient, lead follow-up, pre-selling, tracking, keeping the leads organized, creating amazing webinars, creating patient education, educating on how to conduct sales calls, handling objections, upselling and quality control.

This is a long list.

Sometimes doing things that didn't really produce the result we were looking for.

The issue was we would be reactive in our solution and only provide it when the client wasn't seeing the results and sometimes we would run out of time and lose the client before we could fix it.

Even when the challenge wasn't in our control, it didn't matter.

The client paid, they don't want excuses, they want results.

As time passed, I noticed that there was a correlation between providing bespoke solutions to each client that solved a specific proximal problem, and the success of our work with them.

I observed commonalities with the practitioners having success, and those that didn't.

So I created a system that got consistent results based on these findings, and cut out all the noise, and focused only on the signal.

It only became 3 major steps.




I wanted to install these things for every practice, but wanted to give the power to the practice.

So at the beginning of 2020 I thought, "What if I could empower the practice with the knowledge and skills needed to execute what we've been doing for them, and have full control of everything?".

I wondered what that would look like.

Complete front-end, middle, and back-end control.


An end-to-end system.

Predictable and consistent.

Something that could be set up in less than 2 months.

A solution that empowers the practice to never need an agency again.

To have full control of the direction of their business.

While shedding the light on the things that have been in the dark.

All they would need is to have the skills and knowledge transferred to them, and have someone coach and consult them through any main challenges, like a sherpa.

A collaborative effort to the summit.

I decided that this would be the way to truly help transform the clients' practices.

Something that could be consumed at the owner's and/or staff's convenience, but be delivered perfectly, every time — No matter the time or place.

To have the support needed to see it through and hold them accountable to result.

This solution would not only provide a way for cash-based practitioners to attract the ideal patients, but also provide the solution to educate on their value, and connect with them with consistency and predictability — To create a bigger impact.

This is why I created Etho.

Etho is the world’s first consulting program specifically designed to help innovative healthcare practitioners to give them back control of their practice. The control to get the qualified and committed patients they want inside of their practices. Together, we can raise the standard of medicine, and educate the people beyond "sickcare". This all with the goal to provide true healthcare that gets people better and create a bigger impact.

Through this, my vision is to revolutionize the way practitioners and patients connect to improve the world's health.

With Etho, you will have everything necessary to bridge the gap from where you are, to where you want to go and find the patients who want the same.

JonCameron Johnson.

Create The Future Of Healthcare with Etho.
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